Audio Transfers & CD Duplication

Audio Format Conversions


Audio Transfer specialists convert all formats of audio tape content to disc 

or digital files. You can drop off or ship your media to LPF and your order can 

either be made available for pickup or shipped back to you.

Audio Cassettes & 1/4" Reels


Convert cassette tapes or 1/4 inch reels  to MP3, WAV, or AIFF.  These files 

can be transferred to CD as data or as a playable disc with separate tracks. 

All audio files and CDs (including bulk runs) are created at our Beverly office.

Digital Files


Some modern recording devices create digital files that can only be read by 

expensive software. We can convert those audio files to the Audio Transfer 

formats of your choice and deliver them via your preferred media.

Audio Restoration & Augmentation


Older recordings may not have been recorded properly or they may have  

degenerated over time. LPF can restore those recordings and enhance 

them so that they sound their best.

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